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Sumon K Chakrabarti

As the Managing Editor–Digital, he co-founded the digital news platform of F7 Broadcast – FocusNews.com (Now NewsWorldIndia.in www.newsworldindia.in). His work as an investigative and political journalist has been credited with ‘breaking’ several high level government corruptions in India and South Asia.

In the last 18 years in the media industry, he has been a founder member of CNN-IBN and TheNewspaperToday (India’s first online newspaper by the India Today Group). He was nominated for ‘Best Indian Journalist of the Year’ in 2006, 2008 and 2009 for the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards and the Indian Television Awards respectively.

A chef at heart who wants to run the meatloaf factory from a food truck, he is the spanker-in-chief of sentences (into shape) and suffers from severe football-itis.

Ankit Aggarwal

Ankit Aggarwal has been tinkering with websites since his college days. Just a year after he joined Tehelka’s tech team as an intern, he went on to lead the team and launched Tehelka’s new website.

In 2012, he took the plunge and started his own company. His first website, among many other news sites to come, were Satyagraha, which was later acquired by Scroll. Like in those stories, soon the word about him spread and he started getting projects from across the seas. For a Slovakian pub, he created their website that displays their live beer meter online –www.beervana.sk . And then from news to e-commerce, his areas of expertise just came increasing. Today, Ankit has at least 15 top notch websites under his belt.

Ankit is now a full-time entrepreneur and a part-time ‘WordPress Evangelist’. Apart from handling all the madness at Buffalo Soldiers as the Head of Tech, he also works on his ‘secret’ communications project for students and academic institutions.

Sujay Chakraborty

The only thing Bengali about Sujay is his surname. Else he is just an Odia at heart. After dabbling in journalism for over 4 years, he left Tehelka to join NewsWorldIndia.in as the product manager. Typefaces and info-graphics are to him what Rasogollas are to… you get the drift! He is a clumsy pants-presser in this picture, but a pantomimic par excellence.

Sumant Chawla

Sumant is the head of graphics at Buffalo Soldiers. Otherwise, he is the head of ‘trending’ Punjabi songs and beyond that, he does the BS like no one else.

Arijit Banarji

His charm lies not in his lankiness but in the fact that he has more bones than the normal homo sapien. Blame it on his mother’s cooking skills, which are so good that the rest of the team members usually devour his lunch. More dense than his bone density, he is currently re-learning Hindi and the art of chirping on Twitter. Flew down from Sydney, where he worked as an Editor for a local Indian newspaper, to jump into the new media space in India. Tony Abbott still misses his company and advice, and in solidarity, he refuses to shave.

Jagdish Mitra

Jagdish Mitra is the Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Growth Factories in Tech Mahindra. An unparalled industry leader, he served as the CEO of CanvasM, the mobility unit of Tech Mahindra – a joint venture with Motorola which was founded in 2006. He also headed the Large Deals Business of Tech Mahindra. In his 20 years in the information technology world, he has been responsible for opening up new markets and building several strategic business relationships in North America, Middle East and Asia for Tech Mahindra.

Tarun Basu

Tarun Basu is one of India’s leading media personalities with over 40 years’ standing in the profession as a journalist and editor. He has worked in both Indian and international media organizations.

He was till recently the Founder Editor and Director of the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS), India’s only private and independent news agency and content provider on multimedia platforms.

Basu has travelled all over the world and has been a regular invitee on the Indian prime ministers’ and presidents’ media delegations in visits to other countries for the past 15 years. He has covered conflict situations in India and South Asia. In recent years he has been a special invitee to the World News Agencies’ Conference in Spain, World Media Summit in China, the Beijing Olympic Games and the World Cup Football in South Africa.

Basu also heads a think tank, the Society for Policy Studies that runs the South Asia Monitor, a policy forum and resource on South Asia and The Indian Diaspora, an interface with the 25 million strong Indian community dispersed across the world.

Basu also founded the International Media Institute of India, a multimedia training school that conducts media literacy and communication workshops for educational, research and other institutions.

Deepak Puri

Deepak Puri is the former South Asia General Manager and Photo Editor of TIME for over three decades. But we won’t even attempt to describe him and leave it to some of the great writers our time to do so.

Pico Iyer described him as the “great and legendary office manager of TIME’s New Delhi bureau…who seems to hold up much of the Time-Life empire and, I sometimes suspect, most of India single-handedly”.

And Karl Taro Greenfeld, Deputy Editor, TIME Asia, sums Deepak up perfectly in a “Letter from Publisher” in 2001. “For a full 24 years, TIME’s coverage of the subcontinent has beaten the competition because we have a secret weapon: a maya-buster by the name of Deepak Puri. Technically he’s our South Asia general manager and photo editor, and his job description sounds basic: he paves the way so that correspondents and photographers can do their work. But it’s anything but.”

Consider these two anecdotes. When TIME sponsored News Tour in 1995 of American CEOs in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, the street leading to the conference was under construction. Deepak drafted scores of workers (plus a couple of elephants for show) and rebuilt the 1-km road. And in a legendary exploit in 1990, a TIME editor and the New Delhi bureau chief were stranded in Srinagar covering the Kashmiri insurgency. To get them out, Deepak cajoled a domestic airline to divert a plane to get them. (That’s a story best told over a few beers.)

Well, when Deepak Puri tells you “no problem,” you can be sure it ain’t no illusion.

Debjyoti Chakraborty

Like the Bollywood classics of 1970s, Debjyoti Chakraborty’s story also started early as a trainee journalist in the sleepy bylanes of erstwhile Calcutta – the city which nurtured leading Indian journalists and editors.

The journey has been a long and winded one, dabbling through the world of print (both newspapers and magazines), web and audiovisual — from being the quality custodian of Business Today, leading a team of print journalists to set up and run India’s first newspaper on the internet, TheNewspaperToday, and spearheading audiovisual coverage of the movements at Singur and Nandigram in West Bengal to handling Hindustan Times’ national news network speed over India and Bangladesh.

A self-confessed failed novelist, his skills have never been put to serious test because of lethargy — one of the luxuries that he can still enjoy on the sly. After more than three decades in the profession, now he is chasing his dream to create something great that will define the future shape of journalism (Read: Buffalo Soldiers!).

He is currently working with Hindustan Times in Delhi as the papers’s Roving Editor, playing the role of a writer at large.

Akanksha ‘Rowdy’ Rathore

Introvert, Foodie, Quirky and on the surface, laziness personified! This Kanpur girl can seriously break a leg (and some hands and bones in the process), but aspires to become a documentary filmmaker. Always up for some adventure, she devours horror and thriller flicks, whether she survives the big bad world of digital re-shapers and Football beyond the pitch or get out tempura battered, she is a fighter. Mind It!

Jini K Jose

Delhi girl with a Mallu heart. Loves driving on and on, wish to land on moon someday with her car, if she gets off ‘Friends’ and endless stream of web series. And till that happens, she has decided to turn on the radio and enjoy the wonder ride!

Ravi Sharma | Chief Legal Advisor

Ravi has been one of the most successful protege of Ram Jethmalani, one of the country’s ace legal brains. He has worked shoulder to shoulder with Jethmalani on the Black Money Case, trying to get back Indian tax-payer’s hard-earned money back into the country’s economy. He now works for Karanjawala & Company, regarded by many as ‘the best dispute resolution firm in the country’, and his clients include some of the biggest names and institutions in India.

Madhuli Trivedi

An ambivert who loves small things in life and strongly believes that a pint of beer, good music and awesome food can fix a bad day. Life’s motive = Eat + Travel + Work + Sleep – not in that order!

Abhishek Chaudhury

Name: Abhishek Chaudhury
Religion: Sachin
Passion: Chelsea
Education: Journalism and Mass Communication
Inclination: Writing articles on technology and sports
Mission: Get his articles to garner more hits than Gopi Bahu

Anirban Das

A self-proclaimed seeker (only a single team member has been able to decipher so far what he seeks though), looking for latent facts in every possible phenomenon. His journey to Delhi from Calcutta (here we have a knack for keeping the flame alive) involves love, music, curiosity (which one day can kill the cat) and football. Following global football opens up an infinite space within him in both the conscious and subconscious self, away from the din and bustle of the madding crowd. A huge admirer of Petrarch and his philosophy of love, though in practical application he likes to hybridize the concept of love – a dose of Petrarch with a pint of  metaphysical Donne and Marvel. He remains the undisputed king of gravity where the head and soul tends to merge in uncanny matrix which can only be cured by dunking him in cold water.

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